SDGs for Business elearning
SDGs for Business Crowdfunding
SDGs for Business Crowdfunding

New initiative to scale action on the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Spread sustainable development knowledge across your organization and get the SDGs implemented.  
  • “A great initiative as we need far more momentum around the goals”, said Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever & Chairman, WBCSD.
  • ​“If we are to achieve the targets of the SDGs there has to be action by thousands of companies in each and every country. We in the UNGC are working on this through our Local Networks. Each and every effort to provide training to help companies plan their approach such as the creative approach that you are using in SUST4IN is very commendable. I wish you every success.”, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Foundation for the Global Compact

The first online awareness tool, elearning course and guidebook to implement the Sustainable Development Goals at the business level. 

Businesses today are facing unprecedented challenges – from climate change, to unemployment, to populism – but also presented with unique opportunities – from energy efficiency, to new markets and demands.  

The best way to address today’s challenges and opportunities is to work towards a sustainable development that promotes economic prosperity, while protecting the environment and ensuring social balance. 

The SDGs, adopted by 193 countries in 2015, set 17 goals for a better world by 2030, such as “End Poverty”, “Gender Equality” and “Climate Action”. For the first time, governments, civil society and businesses have a common agenda and shared vision for the future. While many companies have already committed to the SDGs, SUST4IN’s research has found a gap between the business commitment, and the company’s employees and supply chain -  the “SDGs Gap”.

But how can business implement the SDGs?

Business first needs to understand the SDGs, then take action by selecting the most relevant SDGs where their company can make a difference, all while complying with all the others and  keeping it “simple stupid” (KISS!). There are tools already available to implement the SDGs, such as the CEO Guide to the SDGs and the SDG Compass.

The gap between top management and managers

Currently there is a gap between the companies’ leadership commitment and their managers, not to mention their supply chain. CSR Europe has for instance confirmed that gap in a recent report: 53% of the top management at European companies are aware of the SDGs, but only 11% of the middle managers are. More top management awareness is needed, but there is a clear need to engage middle managers in order to make the SDGs happen.

  • Sustainable Development Goals for Business

Sustainable Development Goals for Business is the first awareness tool, elearning course and guidebook to help companies and their partners bridge that gap and implement the SDGs at the business level. Online awareness and self-paced elearning enables flexibility at scale so that more people can receive training at times convenient for them, for a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Learning objectives

After attending the awareness campaign, participants will:

  • Understand sustainable development and the SDGs
  • Realise why the SDGs are good business

In addition, and after completing the elearning course, delegates will also:

  • Have the tools to implement the most important SDGs in their organization
  • Support compliance with all the SDGs and
  • Be able to successfully communicate the SDGs and their importance with internal and external audiences


The material is based on a guidebook structured in three modules, divided in chapters:
Module 1: fundamentals of sustainable development and why the SDGs are important for business;
Module 2: a practical guide to implementing the SDGs with tools and tips on how to implement them and further improve;
Module 3: each SDG explained in detail with specific business challenges, opportunities and guidance. Participants can go through all 17 SDGs or choose to focus on those most relevant to them (See the details on the right)

  • Get a licence

The tools will be available in flexible modules according to your needs. Licences are available for individuals, teams and all employees.

We are currently finalizing the material. Be the first to learn by entering your details on the right.

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