SDGs for Business elearning

Why the Sustainable Development Goals are good business?

  • The case for corporate sustainability is clear for years: Sustainable business are more profitable
  • Even reactive business can only grow if the social and environmental conditions are right
  • On top of that the SDGs represent a new global prize to business estimated at more than 12 trillion dollars per year

The world has seen tremendous social progress and technological advance in the last decades: millions of people have been lifted out of poverty for instance. However, there are other millions still in poverty – consequently not consuming or benefiting from new products and services –, climate change is already affecting the planet and half of the population – the women – do not have the same opportunities and benefits that the other half enjoy.

The Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious goals targeting people, planet, peace, partnerships and also prosperity, in developing but also developed countries.

The SDGs are good business for many reasons, for example:

  • Business can only grow if the social and environmental conditions are right: think of education, the poor becoming prosperous or climate change;
  • The SDGs form a global prize to business estimated at more than 12 trillion dollars per year and 380 million jobs globally: think of healthier and better educated consumers, innovative and more efficient products and services or simply more stability;
  • Governments at national and local levels, NGOs and businesses worldwide, including parts of supply chains, are already supporting the SDGs and using the very same language;
  • Last but not least, many business leaders agree that business has a moral duty towards the society and the planet.

The case for sustainability has already been made clear by the likes of McKinsey or Harvard: from better talent attraction and all the way to better returns for investors. 

The case for the SDGs is only now becoming clear: Some companies are already publishing sustainability reports through the new “SDGs lens”. This is a welcome and important start, but we need to go beyond reporting or occasional corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Only if properly embedded into the company – preferably, but not necessarily at the strategic level – the SDGs can actually unlock good businesses and meet society’s needs: new products or services, public-private partnerships, lower risks, new markets. The SDGs is also the perfect excuse to better focus, horizontally and vertically align and execute the company’s sustainability strategy.

The SDGs are around since 2015: stop procrastinating! The earlier we start, the more competitive advantages we will secure.

Please join our Sustainable Development Goals for Business initiative: a practical way to start.

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