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TIME TO scale action on the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Spread sustainable development knowledge across your organization and get the SDGs implemented.  
  • “A great initiative as we need far more momentum around the goals”, said Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever & Chairman, WBCSD.
  • Open Training: Sustainable Development Goals for Business
  • Dates: 9 - 10 July 2018
  • Venue: Madrid International Lab, at the very centre of Madrid
  • Duration: 16h
  • Language: English

The world is a better place, but businesses and the whole society are exposed to unprecedented risks and opportunities. Several challenges, such as climate change and social conflicts, can cause disruptions in the entire value chain.

Successful companies will be those that take action to address these challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, such as energy efficiency, the circular economy, mobility systems or new healthcare solutions.

In 2015, at the United Nations in New York, all countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs, the best response to these challenges and opportunities. For the first time, governments, companies, investors and civil society have a common agenda to implement. Companies have a central role in the definition and effective application of this agenda. Many leading companies have already committed to the SDGs.

However, in most companies there is a gap between the leadership commitment, the supply chain and, especially, the mid-level positions.

But how can business implement the SDGs?
Business first needs to understand the SDGs, then take action by selecting the most relevant SDGs where their company can make a difference, all while complying with all the others and  keeping it “simple stupid” (KISS!). There are tools already available to implement the SDGs, such as the CEO Guide to the SDGs and the SDG Compass.

The gap between top management and managers
Currently there is a gap between the companies’ leadership commitment and their managers, not to mention their supply chain. CSR Europe has for instance confirmed that gap in a recent report: 53% of the top management at European companies are aware of the SDGs, but only 11% of the middle managers are. More top management awareness is needed, but there is a clear need to engage middle managers in order to make the SDGs happen.

Sustainable Development Goals for Business

Sustainable Development Goals for Business is the pioneer training course on how to implement the SDGs in the business world and connect commitment to action. 

The training is aimed at directors, managers and other positions within a company, plus customers and suppliers, but it is also open to anyone interested in how companies can better implement the SDGs.

Training content

Sustainable Development Goals for Business is structured in three modules:

  • Module 1: fundamentals of sustainable development and why the SDGs are important for business;
  • Module 2: how to implement the SDGs and then improve performance. The 7 most common errors in the implementation,
  • Module 3: workshop on how to implement three of the SDGs in a company, followed by immediate feedback, tips and suggestions.

Guest speakers:

  • Waya Quiviguer, Executive Director, Master in International Relations, IE School of International Relations
  • Alex Money​, Programme Director, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford

An interactive approach, quizzes and the workshop make the course dynamic, practical and enjoyable, while providing a lasting learning experience.

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Eventbrite - Training: Sustainable Development Goals for Business
Eventbrite - Training: Sustainable Development Goals for Business
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