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What is the impact of the Paris Agreement on my business?

The Paris Agreement, even before it had entered into force, had an immediate impact on investors, who are already demanding greener opportunities, such as green bonds, but also divesting from “brown” companies. Governments are expanding or setting new carbon trading and taxing schemes and starting to work on National Plans (NDCs), committed in Paris, with heavy investments in mitigation and adaption solutions, infrastructure, transport and renewables. The future Sustainable Development Mechanism (Article 6), an evolution and global expansion of the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms (CDM & JI) can also be opportunities to achieve neutrality at an optimum cost, while supporting Sustainable Development.

How difficult is to measure our carbon footprint?

It is now relatively simple: Carbon footprinting for products and organizations (also known as carbon inventory) has already evolved as a globally standardized exercise (ISO 14064-1, ISO 14067, GHG Protocol) with various tools also available. Carbon footprint assessment helps organizations to identify cost reduction opportunities, such as energy efficiency, comply with existing (eg in France for institutional investors) and future legal requirements, as well as voluntary registries (eg in Spain).

Why there is so much noise about carbon pricing?

Putting a price on carbon is one of the best ways to internalize the costs and opportunities related to climate change. Some 40 countries and more than 20 cities and regions already use carbon pricing mechanisms, with more planning to implement them in the future. According to the CDP (2015), more than 1000 companies worldwide already price their carbon emissions – or intend to do so by 2017.

Who should be interested? 

Virtually any organization, from those already under mandatory trading schemes or being taxed to organizations concerned with medium and long term risks, to innovative organizations looking for competitive advantages or cost reduction. Organizations considering and implementing emissions targets and carbon pricing. 

The business challenges and opportunities

Climate change is a strategic risk for any organization. According to the World Economic Forum (2017), “Extreme Weather Events” and “Failure of Climate Change mitigation and adaptation” are among the major global risks. Climate change is also an opportunity, namely for early movers in innovating or at least adapting their products, services or even business models to the new low-carbon economy. The ambitious Paris Agreement is already influencing governments, investors and business to change. Managing, reducing, off-setting and finally eliminating carbon emissions is key to manage the risks and profit from the new opportunities. Climate action is also a route to identify cost reduction opportunities, to work more closely with suppliers and to acquire a competitive advantage. 

Corporate Carbon Management by SUST4IN

SUST4IN supports its clients on addressing climate change with a variety of services, including:

  • Carbon/Climate Change Strategy, including Carbon Pricing
  • Full Corporate Carbon Management: Measure, Manage, Reduce, Expand, Report, Improve
  • Emissions Trading Schemes advisory, including the future Paris Agreement schemes
  • Carbon footprint/inventory of organizations (ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol)
  • Carbon footprint of products (ISO 14067)
  • Carbon off-setting, for instance using Gold Standard and VCS verified projects
  • Science Based Targets: from commitment to target approval and communication
  • Reporting, including CDP Climate Change, GRI and SASB
  • Training and awareness programs delivered on site or on line
  • Assurance: internal verification, data assurance and audits (ISO 14064-3)
  • Preventive and corrective actions following external verification and audits

Your benefits

  • Better knowledge and quantification of external and internal risks
  • Robust planning and forecasting towards science-based targets, carbon neutrality and zero-emissions
  • Credible communication to stakeholders: investors, customers, employees, government and value chain
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities, including energy efficiency
  • Enhanced competitive advantage with tangible arguments


We are a network of experts on sustainability, including some of the pioneers on corporate carbon management, verification and trading. Our experience, credibility, independence, background and ability to deliver, always very close to our clients, with direct and hands on involvement of senior experts, are our key advantages. SUST4IN is also active on initiatives such as Caring for Climate, Climate Week NYC, Carbon Expo, UNFCCC Conferences/COPs, Green Bonds Principles, ISO, SASB and Forum Clima.

Other SUST4IN services

  • Beyond corporate carbon management services, SUST4IN offers a wide range of sustainability services:
  • Sustainability Strategy, including a strategic approach to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Relationship with Investors, including Green Bonds
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Circular Economy
  • Corporate Water Management, including Water Footprint and CDP Water reporting
  • Management Systems, including ISO 50001 (Energy Management)