​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​upgr4de your sust4inability perform4nce.

We are an international network of expert professionals on sustainability, including our pioneer work in corporate water management and water footprint, with various articles, conferences, training courses and consulting work delivered in various countries. We work hard to offer the best services to your sustainability needs. Even within sustainability we focus on what we understand better, which are the services we offer.  Our experience, credibility, independence, background and ability to deliver, always very close to our clients, listening to their needs, where and when they need it, are our key advantages.


What is water footprint? Why is it becoming so important?

Water footprint can be defined as metrics that quantify the potential environmental impacts related to water (ISO 14046). These metrics can be for instance m3H20eq, which is the consumption in cubic meters of water (m3H20), weighted by the level of scarcity in a given area. Measuring consumption is important, but not sufficient. Water is a local issue and you have to understand the local impacts.

What are the standards, tools and systems you use?

We are flexible to use what better fits our clients’ needs, including the CEO Water Mandate and its Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines, the WBCSD Global Water Tool, ISO 14046, the Water Footprint Network Assessment Manual, CDP Water, GRI G4, the US EPA Water Sense, the Ecoinvent database etc. 

The business challenge

Water is a scarce resource, essential to your business. It may not be a major direct cost, but the lack of water can definitely disrupt your business, your supply chain, your clients and communities, causing negative social, environmental and economic impacts. The World Economic Forum, for instance, ranks water scarcity as one of the three global risks with the most important impacts. Investors start asking detailed questions about your water performance. The true value of water is a combination of business continuity, license to operate and brand value. Water is also part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a specific goal, SDG6, and linkages to various others (health, food, cities and sustainable consumption and production).

 ​The SUST4IN solutions

Shape your water management strategy and embed it in the whole organization.

Our corporate Water Management Services family encompasses the following solutions:

  • Risk assessment
  • Water Footprint Assessment for products, processes or organizations (ISO 14046, WFN)
  • Definition or review of your water strategy
  • Legal compliance: assessment and monitoring against the existing and upcoming legislation
  • Awareness campaigns: from your board to your suppliers and clients
  • Training (E-learning, traditional, blended. Open and in-company courses)
  • CDP Water: answer properly, enhance your position and get more benefits
  • Water reporting: stand alone or part of your sustainability reporting services
  • Assurance: improve your systems and credibility through audits and verification

Your benefits

  • Better water related risks management
  • Enhanced business resilience
  • Better communication and reputation
  • Compliance with the legislation

Who should be interested? 

Water is essential to any business, especially in sectors such as Food and Beverage, Power and Utilities, Chemical, Construction, Agriculture and Oil & Gas.

Other services 

Beyond water management services, SUST4IN offers a wide range of sustainability services:

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Relationship with Investors
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Change Services, including Carbon FootprintManagement Systems