​upgr4de your sust4inability perform4nce.

Our experience



Business intelligence

From tweets, to technically robust commercial proposals and reports, to academic thesis we have treated information always as a priority. Ask us for our business articles and academic papers, ask for a proposal, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or simply talk to us.



Our team has experience in organizing more than 50 conferences to more than 3000 delegates in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai etc around innovative solutions, standards and opportunities in sustainability and other business priorities. Further to that, we have presented at an unaccounted number of conferences, seminars and events in cities like Bangkok, Barcelona, Belo Horizonte, Bilbao, Bonn, Brussels and Buenos Aires, mostly about sustainability issues.

Our team has evangelised innovative (then at least) concepts such as management systems, carbon emissions management and trading, health & safety behaviour, business resilience, sustainable events, carbon footprint, risk management and more recently water footprint and lean startups. 




sustainability strategy

Our team has helped organizations in the Oil&Gas (UK, Bulgaria), Chemicals (Brazil, Germany) or Electronics (Italy) sectors with shaping their strategies and embedding them within their organizations. We have been publicly recognized as strategists, ready to change, if necessary, the status quo for you to achieve the sustainability and improve the resilience of your organization.


relationship with investors

A trading arm of an Energy company had to access a major opportunity with carbon credits coming from a large Chemical company. We have provided the technical knowledge to a multidisciplinary team all the way to the final negotiation, closing with one of the largest carbon credits deals ever. The deal also led to an immediate increase in the Chemical company’s shares value. The case proved that the value of responsible/green investment goes well beyond the deals themselves: they create credibility and a multiplying effect. 


sustainability reporting

Our team has experience from the early days of sustainability reporting (GRI), defining assurance procedures (based on AA1000), verifying reports and providing technical and final approval of assurance opinions (using also ISEA 3000) to companies from the Electronics or Food sectors to the more controversial Tobacco sector for instance. More recently we have updated our knowledge through official training courses of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4, conferences and webinars.


water footprint

This is a new area for all of us. Only now water footprint is becoming a practical solution for businesses with the publication of the new ISO 14046:2014 in July 2014 for instance. However our technical background, close monitoring of ISO 14046 evolution and experience with carbon footprint give us courage to launch water footprint services and learn together with our clients, obviously through agreements beneficial to both sides. 


carbon footprint

Our team has experience in carbon management since 2002. Initially with Emissions Trading Schemes (UK, EU, CDM), actively attending UNFCCC and other official meetings, Carbon conferences and seminars and more recently with voluntary schemes. With the publication of PAS 2050 in 2008 we have launched verification and training services, which have now been updated with ISO 14067. We have experience in working with organizations in sectors such as Oil&Gas, Wine, Transport, Chemicals and Energy. We have also actively participated in the development of standards such as ISO 14064 and ISO 14065. 


management systems

This is one of our core strengths as management systems were the first solutions for some of the sustainability issues, including resilience. We have provided extensive strategic advisory, consulting, training, audits and assurance around Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001, now ISO 45001), Social Accountability (SA 8000), Energy (EN 16001, now ISO 50001), Resilience (BS 25999, now ISO 22301). Moreover we have directly helped to shape ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as active members of the technical committees responsible for those standards. 



Our team has a well established experience in developing, managing and delivering training courses in its various forms, languages and locations, especially and naturally the more traditional tutor led option. On elearning we have experience in developing and managing various training courses using the Moodle platform for instance. We have experienced, up to date and dynamic tutors on Environment, Health and Safety, Social Accountability, Energy and Sustainability Reporting (GRI G4) to sectors such as Chemicals, Oil&Gas, Automotive, Energy and Metallurgy. 



We have a robust track record in developing, managing and delivering third-party, independent assurance, especially audits, assessments, validation, verification and report assurance in areas such as:

  • Environmental Management (ISO 14001, Legal Audits, Impact Assessment)
  • Health & Safety Management (OHSAS 18001, Regulatory)
  • Social Issues Management (SA 8000, Codes of Conduct, WHO Guidelines)
  • Carbon Management (ISO 14064, ISO 14067, PAS 2050, UN CDM, EU ETS, GHG Protocol)
  • Energy Management (ISO 50001)
  • etc

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